Opportunity -Golden Bird Chicken is the only fresh, never frozen, wet-batter, dipped individually prepared product in the entire industry.  Most retailers mirror traditional basket-fried or pressure fried, frozen, dry-rolled factory product.  Golden Bird is high quality, custom-cooked, home-style, family oriented wholesome food that has generated fierce customer loyalty, added value to the community and high margins on potential returns.


Strategic Advantages - Market research indicates that high quality, custom-cooked, home-style, family oriented food is relatively price insensitive, particularly when high quality generates customer loyalty  and high return rates.

Proprietary Technology Golden Bird’s founder developed a distinctive recipe for its seasoning and batter.  These proprietary recipes are closely maintained secrets.  Although many have attempted to duplicate them, none have succeeded in creating that distinctive Golden Bird taste.  Once you taste it, you know it; then you never forget it. 

Licensing – This configuration allows individuals and small syndications to enter the market with less capital than in the more ubiquitous franchising format, while having the same advantage of membership in a group with over 60 years of history and tremendous market goodwill. 



Our Licensing Program

Golden Bird has been in the industry for over 60 years.  Our experience has allowed us to build a successful and long lasting food concept.  We represent an excellent and affordable business
opportunity for self-starters and entrepreneurs.  In the U.S., Golden Bird offers licenses, not franchises. What's the difference? Here are some key distinctions between our licensing program and our competitors' franchising programs:

  • Golden Bird does not charge a monthly percentage royalty fee, thereby avoiding any accounting disputes.
    Instead, we charge a simple monthly flat fee, to be determined. With
    a Golden Bird license, your internal accounting is your business, not ours.

  • Golden Bird has the most reasonable upfront fee in the industry.

  • You are not locked into a contract.  You are free to start at any
    time and free to quit at any time.

  • Except for a few proprietary mixes, we do not require you to 
       purchase products from specified vendors.  You are free to 
       purchase from any reputable vendor as long as the quality meets 
       our current standards.

Our competitors generally have large capital requirements and a large upfront cash payment to
them. Golden Bird has one of the smallest upfront fees in the industry.  This allows the small entrepreneur entrance into an established business with a successful track record. Golden Bird will train you in the proper preparation of our products.  While we do not require that licensees have prior
restaurant experience, we do note that such experience may aid in your success.  Prior to opening your store, you will be required to complete our training course offered at one of our existing restaurants in Los Angeles as well as a supervised training period at your location under the experienced guidance of one of our approved trainers.

Competition – Although the addition to the market of brands like Popeye’s,  Chick-Fil-A and El Pollo Loco have created competition for the consumer appetite for chicken and resulted in mini-booms with the opening of new restaurants focusing on their owners’ cultural heritage.  No other company directly competes with Golden Bird in product quality or in the economic opportunity available through ownership of a Golden Bird restaurant through its licensing format.  Other brands which prepare their offerings in unhealthy oils and serve pre-packaged products just don’t compare to the unforgettable sides, chicken and biscuits that have that distinctively Golden Bird taste profile.

Targeted market segments.


  • Age -- Seniors, Baby-Boomers, young families and blue-collar workers of all ages.  There is no age limit to good food.
  • Family Unit -- We have always been a family focused restaurant.  Fried chicken is a classic comfort food that is often the center of family meals.  We are a part of that tradition.
  • Gender -- We will equally target both sexes: Chicken occupies the enviable slot of being considered both meaty enough for men and light enough for women.
  • Income – Although Golden Bird does not compete on price, its product is priced within the reach of all but the most economically unfortunate.  Our menu prices are lower than the major retailers.
  • Occupation – Everyone loves fried chicken, biscuits and fries.  However, blue-collar workers, young professionals, working moms and most of mid-America will be our focus market.
  • Education – Everyone eats chicken, from dropouts to doctorate holders.
  • Cultural Group – Chicken is eaten by all cultural and religious groups, except for vegetarians.  It is the most universally eaten protein.

Service Business Analysis - The restaurant industry in the U.S. has experienced rapid growth in the last 20 years and many factors contribute to the large demand for good restaurants today. The competition is strong, with many chains competing for the consumer dollar. It is almost impossible today to strike off into a new, unique, untried venue. Golden Bird is not new, unknown start-up but instead is a tried and tested true, unique and proven successful venture. Golden Bird is strong and flourishing as never before.

Participants – Golden Bird is currently accepting offers from qualified, serious  individuals and enterprises to participate in our growth.  Qualifications:

  • Participants must demonstrate a stable job or business history. Restaurant experience is not required but preferred;
  • Participants must demonstrate sufficient net worth to implement their business plan;
  • Participants must be capable of participating in all the terms of the standard Golden Bird  License Agreement